MRO Chem Pty Ltd has been appointed as Distributor for LPS in  Australia. 
LPS,  a Leader in MRO solution for more than five decades, is here in Australia with wide range of MRO solutions.
LPS Laboratories Products are in convenience-packaged maintenance chemicals for industrial, aerospace, military and telecommunications facilities world-wide. 
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LPS 1 , LPS 2 & LPS 3 enable you to protect, restore and repair equipment from water damage
LPS Lubricants / Penetrants
       LPS 1      LPS 2    
LPS Corrosion Inhibitors,    
       LPS 3
LPS Electrical Cleaners
LPS Industrial Degreasers
LPS Greases
LPS Cutting Fluids
LPS Special MRO Products

LPS has been providing safe effective cleaning, degreasing, lubrication, and corrosion protection to wide Industries for many decades. LPS is now available  in Australia